May 2019 Show

*Music on the show*

Miss Shiney by Kaiit
Widdit – LAVA LA RUE
Eyebrows on Fleek by Horsepower
Urban Jazz – IAMDDB
D.I.Y. – bbymutha
No Reload – Leikeli47


April 2019 Show

What a pleasure it was to gather and talk about all things around diaspora, home, migration and identity as part of the 2nd series of home! We were so lucky to have France and Monica, two orginizers of Pinay Power 2, “celebrating Peminisms in the Diaspora”, and Victoria, Spitfiyah alum. Of course we also had the highlights of the month, coupled with some good tunes!

*Music on the show*
– Slip Away by Mpho Sebina
– La Diaspora by Nitty Scott ft. Zap Mama
– World Gong Crazy by Han Han ft Dataw & Datu
– Flowers by Naïka Champaïgne, check out the context here
– Forever by Sa-Roc

*Check it out*
I WOC UP LIKE DIS presents: self-discovery, an event resulting of a process by and for womxn of color, using theatre and photography as tools for self-discovery, healing and transformation. Come join for a dynamic performance and exhibit showcasing our voices.

March 2019 Show

As corny as it sounds, what a healing time to gather up, taking up space on the airwaves! Highlights of the month, a great insight with Shades Lawrence for her new single and upcoming EP, women of colour being persecuted for going against systems of oppression, self-care, we had lots to talk about! Join us for the talks or good music, we gotchuuuu.

*Music on the show*
  • Almeda by Solange
  • Turn My Head by Shades Lawrence & Emma Maryam
  • Water by Sudan Archives
  • Sound of Rain by Solange
  • U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifah

*EVENT* Check out Shades ‘show on Friday March 29th, 2019: Hyre x Blither x Shades Lawrence x Blither

February 2019 Show

We know it’s Black History Month and are celebrating all the time through our various topics but this time around it’s through the selected musical artists and a related conversation: what is the connection/disconnection between the diaspora and ‘home’. what is it really? We were luck to have Aurore in studio, as well as Eli on the line.

*Music on the show*
– F.U.B.U. by Solange
– Who by Savannah Taylor
– Diamonds by Y’akoto
– Ra Ra by Naya Ali

*Upcoming events to check out*
Farming While Black: African Diasporic Wisdom Uprooting Racism
– QPIRG-Concordia is having BHM events during the March month, check them out!

January 2019 Show

This show was SURREAL, a packed house full of magic, knowledge, and power. It was truly healing. We talked about recent attacks in Nairobi, the Sir George Williams affair and related events taking place this month as well as the burn out for the black woman/woman of color. Take a listen to be part of the conversation!

*Music on the show*

  • Floetic by Floetry
  • Sîfó by Nonku Phiri
  • Filters by VanJess
  • Selfish by Little Simz ft. Cleo Sol
  • Twerk by City Girls & Cardi B

*Events not to miss*

  • Sir George Williams (Feb 2nd: Party All Black femmes DJs, here . // . Feb 5th: Screenprinting workshop 2PM . // . Feb 9th: BIPOC market @ Concordia Hall Building 10-5PM)
  • Jazz show starring Ari, check here

Come back next month as we start the diaspora series!

December 2018 Show

Reflections, reflections. Taking the time to look back in order to move forward to 2019. Shades Lawrence talks about All Black Everything event, and C’nee Starlette joins us all for the reflections.

*Music on the show*

  • BBC by bbymutha
  • Don’t Waste my Time by Zilo
  • Used To by Shades Lawrence
  • Kurr£ncy by IAMDDB
  • Grimey by C’nee Starlette
Check out All Black Everything on January 19th, here.
Also check out our lovely guests, both local hip hop artists, Shades LawrenceC’nee Starlette.
Take care of yourselves and wishing you all the best for 2019, whether it’s planting seeds, manifesting, or building! ❤

November 2018 Show

*Music on the show*

Work by Rihanna & Draka
We’re Yung by OSHUN
I Do by Cardi B & SZA
90s Baby by Andy Mkosi
Ready 2 Ride by Junglepussy & QUIÑ
Blk Grl Soldier by Jamila Woods

What an amazing show! Just a couple of highlights from November and October and mostly….what’s up with Blac Chyna’s whitening cream collaboration and launch in Nigeria???? Join the conversation!

Most importantly, thank you to Naïka (@nadegar) and Louisane (@nymphormationz) who joined us in studio to talk about their beautiful and important art pieces showing at the VAV Gallery (check it out until November 30th), part of the Hyper Real exhibit. We talked about release, self-care, and well just being us!



October 2018 Show

How do we show up for ourselves? What is self-care for us? In this world that is filled with violence and hate, what does it mean to survive and thrive?

So many questions leading to many more, but a definite answer is the power of community, coming together as women of colour, holding space for each other, and supporting each other’s soul
Thank you for last night, it was so lovely with our amazing guests, Ornella, Elena, and Maria!

*Music on the show*

  • Afeto by Mayra Andrade
  • Breathe by Seinabo Bey
  • Like Sugar by Chaka Khan
  • Miwa by Nomadic Massive

Event to check out:

  • Poetry Harvest, Saturday November 3rd at Le Cagibi 6596 St-Laurent
    • More info here:

Announcement from Shanice:

  • ”The end of the month is approaching, it’s getting colder, and $$ is needed to make it to November. Several Indigenous folks have reached out for support and I’m trying to raise more funds. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. If you can do so again or for the first time please consider sending me an e-transfer or PayPal me at Every dollar helps whether it’s $5 or $10 or $50. Thank you so much in advance.”


September 2018 Show

It was beautiful to have C’nee Starlette in studio for an interview and Victoria who then joined us for a conversation around success, redefining it, the lenses we use to approach it, and self-love/care!!


  • Power by Temani
  • Bxtchesluvher by C’nee Starlette
  • Grimey by C’nee Starlette
  • I Owe You Nothing by Seinabo Sey
  • One More by Yaeji

Make sure to check out C’nee Starlette‘s latest EP, JAMS, available on all platforms. Follow her on instagram @bxtchesluvher !